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CopyrightX Google+ Community

Stack Exchange Q&A site proposal: CopyrightX

The CopyrightX StackExchange community proposal is great for posting Example Questions so as to move the proposal forward to the next phase, but I think it’s not so great for discussion (by design). That said, however, discussion is often a good thing in the right place.

So I created a CopyrightX Google+ Community for discussions about copyright in general and CopyrightX on SE in particular. It’s private and not indexed by the search engines. If you’d like to receive an invitation, please comment here or send email to from your Google+ associated email address. Please note that the invitation will not show up as an email message or even a notification in G+. It seems to show up in your G+ circle feed/stream. If you don’t see it, try searching your stream for the community name which is of course just CopyrightX.

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